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EDP is a California non-profit corporation.  We believe that the unprecedented level of environmental degradation and widespread poisoning of human beings by agricultural and industrial pollution is incompatible with basic principles of democracy.  The most vulnerable members of our society are the most impacted by pollution caused by wealthy corporations, such as agribusiness and the fossil fuel industry.  We are committed to fighting for environmental democracy on behalf of the 99%.  We are also committed to combating the greenwashing of consumer products by corporations seeking to exploit the public’s desire for organic, healthy, and environmentally beneficial products.

EDP is overseen by an independent board of directors and an executive director


KQED hourly newscast for September 2, 2022 5:31 AM


'I know from personal experience that ... East Oakland gets under-regulated based on the fact that they don't think anybody out here is going to speak up.'



To protect Oakland's communities of color, we were forced to sue the city to stop it from exempting major indoor cannabis polluters from California environmental law



“Two years of diesel fumes blowing through the residents of the Cannery and the community at large is more than enough...”

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